How we think


As we all work as consultants in different environments, we encounter our customers and co-workers frustrations on a daily basis, providing an excellent source of ideas.


We share ideas within our group and share experiences on existing solutions and market possibilities.


To validate our research, we generate prototypes together with our technology partner and test drive these with customers and peers from our working environments.


After iteratively optimizing usability, functionality and reliability, we publish the products for general availability


Infrastructure monitoring for Java-based application servers

A lightweight solution for monitoring infrastructural resources on application servers showing processor usage, memory usage - including detailed view of the different Java Virtual Machine (JVM) memory areas (such as Eden Space and Perm Gen), JVM thread allocation and usage, file system metrics and specific resource and performance statistics. InView provides viewing live performance diagrams, historical performance charts and visually traversing thread dumps, viewing synchronization and locking information and identifying blocked threads. The pluggable architecture allows easily extending InView with collectors for proprietary information specific to the application server you are using.
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Policy-based coding convention validator

Inspect is policy-based code validation tool that matches sourc code assets against a configurable set of policies to ensure compliance to development guidelines and quality standards. The tool can be used through a web-based user interface or through the command line interface (CLI), which allows users to include it in Continuous Integration procedures. Each inspection results in a stand-alone HTML report showing all assets that violate policies and details of the violation including exact position in the source code.
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